Brewing beer

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Story title: Brewing beer

Submitted by: Blair Matthews

DL story: The tax on alcohol is quite high in the UK, and the expense of a night out motivated me to start thinking about how I could make my own beer.

I don’t know anybody who makes their own beer – it doesn’t seem to be that common where I am (surprisingly) – so I have had to learn by myself. This involves using books, the Internet (videos have been particularly helpful) and asking questions at my local homebrew shop. I’ve made quite a few mistakes, not least having bottles of beer explode because I bottled my beer before fermentation was complete. However, I have started making some really nice beer.

Lately, I have been adding seaweed to my beer (from the beach near my home) which gives my homebrew a distinct feature that expensive supermarket beers don’t have. And at 50p for 500ml, it’s 1/5th of the price.

From brewing, I have built up knowledge of biology and chemistry (and a bit of physics). I have developed a much better feeling for the taste of beer, too and I have become a lot more discerning.

Moreover, brewing my own beer has given me confidence to start other things, like making my own cheese and baking my own bread. I also grow a lot more than I used to, which I use.

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