Why should I take this MOOC anyway?

Why should I take this MOOC anyway?

1) You’ll get to learn from the leading lights in the Deeper Learning orbit – people like Larry Rosenstock who founded High Tech High; Ron Berger, the Chief Program Officer at Expeditionary Learning; Elliot Washor, Co-Director of Big Picture Learning; Bob Lenz, CEO of Envision Schools; Eduardo Briceño, CEO of Mindset Works; Camille Farrington, Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago; and more.

2) We will walk our talk. No talking heads, prerecorded lectures or lame PowerPoints here. We’ll do our best to model good pedagogy so you learn good pedagogy – not just by hearing about it, but by experiencing it. Yes, there will be readings and videos and even a panel discussion or two. But they will be interesting, relevant and provocative. Our aim is for you to leave each session with a new idea, tool, or practice that you can put into practice the next day.

3) This is one class you won’t feel guilty for skipping. We have designed this MOOC so that you can join us for the whole 9 weeks or pop in for the sessions of most interest to you. No judgement. Put in what you want. Take what you can.

4) Who doesn’t want to participate in a grand experiment? That is what this MOOC is. And isn’t that what great education is too? We will take risks. We will learn together. Things will be messy. Things will be fun. Do you really want to miss all that? And just think about how much more fun it will be if you invite several friends/colleagues to join you. Now that is an experiment that could get some real traction. And finally, because…

5) Ron Berger says you should.

Ron Berger

7 thoughts on “Why should I take this MOOC anyway?

  1. Love Reason #5! Was introduced to Ron’s “Austin’s Butterfly” critiquing youtube clip last year, and now share it with every teacher and student I can!

    If u’d put that as reason #1, I probably wouldn’t have read the rest… lol :)

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