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Story title: BikEngineering

Submitted by: Lou Barrios
HighTech High

DL story: I come from traditional California district schooling and I’m quite proud of that fact. My public school education helped me to realize how I best analyze, synthesize and learn. As a student I became quite good at doing what I had to do, so I could do what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to do was build. My deeper learning moment came as a senior in college working on a self-designed project. I had the opportunity to create a senior project around cycling. My group and I were decided to enter into an ASME Human Powered Vehicle Competition. There something inherently powerful about building something that began as nothing. Throughout the project we had to work and collaborate with many different professionals. We not only had to know how it was going to work, but we also had to become excellent welders, designers and bicycle mechanics. I realized then that deeper learning has to be exciting, engaging and needs to serve a greater purpose.

Be well,

Thinking critically; Collaborating; Self-directing learning; Doing relevant, engaging work; Making things

3 thoughts on “BikEngineering

  1. Hi Lou:

    This is Ivan, from Spain. Organising PBL around a bike theme is something I have in mind for a long long time. Can I get hold of some more info about this inspiring project?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Audience is a key component here, right, Lou? The project was aimed for the competition and not for a teacher. I’m always grappling with this concept, and how to make what students do meaningful. The idea of a student creating something for an audience of one (with assessment in mind) is still a central component of our school system. It shouldn’t be. Expanding opportunities is key.

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