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We know that some of you will be blogging about your DLMOOC experience, and we want to be able to read and comment on each others’ reflections. This blog hub will be an aggregated collection of participants’ DLMOOC blog posts.

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CLMOOC Emergent Branches
(Year One Emergence Ideas: CLMOOC) The concept of “emergent ideas” has been on my mind this week through a few different lenses. First, I am planning out a three-hour Make Hack Play session for the New England Association of Teachers of English (NEATE) Conference next weekend, and the ethos of Connected Learning [...]
Fri, Oct 23, 2015
Source: Kevin's Meandering Mind - from Hodges Kevin
Now, this is an interesting little book. If you just saw the cover —  with two cute animals in Indiana Jones-style gear examining a map on the wall by light of a torch — you might think it would be aimed at the elementary school age of readers, but you [...]
Thu, Oct 22, 2015
Source: Kevin's Meandering Mind - from Hodges Kevin
I shared this out on Twitter yesterday, but I wanted to include it here at my blog, too. As part of the National Day on Writing, I had my students reflect on the theme of “why I write” and then we did some class podcasting. I was blown away by the [...]
Wed, Oct 21, 2015
Source: Kevin's Meandering Mind - from Hodges Kevin
Why I Write for NDOW
(This is for Slice of Life, a weekly writing adventure with Two Writing Teachers, and for the National Day on Writing 2015). Over at our iAnthology writing space, an unofficial online site for National Writing Project-affiliated teachers to hang out and write each week, I put out the call for teachers for [...]
Tue, Oct 20, 2015
Source: Kevin's Meandering Mind - from Hodges Kevin
In lieu of a faculty meeting today, my Principal has blessed us with a learning opportunity to read and reflect on The Arts Make A Difference by Nick Rabkin and Robin Redmond.Being significantly behind on my professional blogging, this is also an ideal opportunity to reestablish that invaluable habit.One observation [...]
Mon, Oct 19, 2015
Source: Symphony of Ideas - from Bart Miller
Upon arriving for the first day of a new job, I sat by myself, for the first time in my new classroom, Grade 4B, in my new school, » [...]
Thu, Sep 10, 2015
Source: Symphony of Ideas - from Bart Miller
Photo: Defining inquiry. #mtpyph Tomorrow we sort out how it’s pronounced.— Bart Miller (@BarMill) November 30, 2012I'm delighted to see educators around the world embracing the term 'inquiry'. The word itself is so nebulous that it defies definition. One could assume it means simply 'asking a question', but it [...]
Tue, Jul 14, 2015
Source: Symphony of Ideas - from Bart Miller
Returning from a staff meeting which included discussion of our upcoming Year End Show, I found this charming handmade envelope on my desk.Who is 'lucky 5'? My first guess was that it was a group of second graders who had invited me to listen to their band in the Performing [...]
Mon, Jun 22, 2015
Source: Symphony of Ideas - from Bart Miller
I have taken Susan Watson’s latest post/poem (I sure wish she would post more often) and put it into Genius so that folks could close read and honor the work she does. I consider this the full monty of reciprocation. I have been using Diigo to do this in the [...]
Sat, Apr 11, 2015
Source: Impedagogy - from Terry Elliot
Robin Good has long been my go-to guru for inspiration on how and what to curate.  In this short interview by Cendrine Marrouat, social media blogger, curator, and founder of Social Media Slant, I got some useful direction for something I have been practicing for several years now. Perhaps it will [...]
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
Source: Impedagogy - from Terry Elliot