Deeper Learning for staff and students: a multifaceted story

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Story title: Deeper Learning for staff and students: a multifaceted story

Submitted by: Simon Buckingham Shum
Open U. & Bristol U., UK

DL story: Hi all

I’m thoroughly enjoying tuning into this MOOC, exciting to see!

I thought you’d like to get a glimpse of what we’re doing in the UK, in a programme led by Ruth Deakin Crick (Grad School of Ed, Bristol University). She provides the educational research foundations, while I bring in the social learning tools and analytics. Here’s a movie of Ruth introducing her work:

Perhaps the following story is one of the best resources to start with, told from the perspectives of an educational researcher (Ruth), a secondary Headteacher (Rebecca), a learning tech researcher (me), and two teachers (Phil + Richard):

In this example, you will elements of many of the key themes in our conversations: shared language for learning, staff learning culture, student engagement, evidencing impact, and building an evidence base that connects researchers and practitioners.

The web survey tool for student (and staff) self-assessment of learning dispositions (what Dweck calls mindsets) may be of particular interest, since conventional assessment regimes and tools are not fit for purpose when it comes to making deeper learning qualities visible. This movie introduces the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) in the broader context of analytics for deeper learning:



Mastering core academic content, Self-directing learning, Believing in yourself (academic mindsets), Doing relevant, engaging work, Presenting work to a real audience

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