DL badges are here!

We are very excited to announce the availability of two new deeper learning badges:Badge1
Deeper Learner

Deeper Learning Guide

You can click the links above to apply for these badges. All you have to do is submit a link to some work that shows that you experienced deeper learning through DLMOOC or that shows you helped others experience deeper learning.

Once you’ve earned a badge, you’ll be an “expert” who can review others’ submissions for the same badge. This is a model that can help connect people and build community. And after you’ve earned a badge, you can put it into your open badge backpack.

For those interested in more on badges, they are a way to represent and recognize a skill you’ve learned. Open badges, like the one’s we’ve created here, are not proprietary and are linked to some representation of work you’ve done (e.g. a blog post or a link to posts you’ve made in G+) that demonstrates the skill (e.g. deeper learning). In this way, they can be more useful than a transcript or resume, because employers or others can actually see the work that represents your skills.

And if you’d like to experiment with badges in your own learning environment, the P2PU badge creator makes it easy. I had a great time with some students last summer during which they created their own badges. (More info here.) They started by deciding what skills were really important to document. Then they defined the criteria for earning badges in the areas of their choice. Finally, they submitted and reviewed each others’ work. It was a powerful experience.

2 thoughts on “DL badges are here!

  1. I attempted to apply for a badge last week, loaded all sorts of info., and then found… there was no “submit” button (or something similar). I haven’t heard back from anyone, so I suspect I didn’t do this right. Suggestions?

    • Béa, do you know if you were signed in to P2PU when you did this? That is required. I’ll email you to troubleshoot further.

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