Exploring internships with Randy Scherer

For this week’s “Lens into the Classroom” session, which will be on Thurs. Feb. 6 at 4pm Pacific (archive will be posted here), we’ll be doing a consultancy protocol with teacher Randy Scherer.

Randy’s dilemma is: “How does the school best help students derive and articulate meaning through the process of an internship experience?”

Here is a description of the consultancy protocol we’ll be using.


Randy’s classes are currently working on about a month of Humanities work centered on processing and publishing the stories of internships.His current internship-centered curricula arose out of his work in the HTH GSE, which explored the relationship between school and internship.

Here are some resources from Randy:

And here is some additional background on how High Tech High views internships:

Here are the slides we’ll be using for this session:

photo 2

One thought on “Exploring internships with Randy Scherer

  1. I enjoyed listening to the discussion of the value of internships and how they can be restructured to develop the student/teacher dialogue. The current structure is for a sustained 3-4 weeks and it appears that the participants would consider a 2 day a week for an extended time.

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