How does this DLMOOC thing work?

So as we’re getting closer to starting, we’re getting questions about how exactly this DLMOOC thing works. Here’s an overview:

  • Make sure you’ve signed up at This will get you on the list to receive our weekly emails that will have all the assignments and key information. (We’ll also cross-post those on this web site and in the G+ community, but still make sure you’re signed up.)
  • Most of the interactions with our DLMOOC team and other participants will be in our G+ community so make sure to join that. We’ll also cross-post assignments and announcements in the G+ community, but once we get going, things there are likely to be pretty busy so it’s easy to miss things.
    Note: You can configure this to get email notifications of every post if you like. If that gets to be too much once we get going, you can turn it off.
  • There will also be live panel discussions every Mon. and Thurs. (except for the first Monday which falls on MLK Day) which you can access at the Live tab on this site. These will also be archived so you can watch them later .
  • If you’re on Twitter, you can also follow us at @dlmooc and use the hashtag to see what others are saying (search for #DLMOOC).
  • There will be other optional activities to do which we’ll let you know about through the email newsletters and on G+.

Important: Don’t feel like you have to do *all* of these things! Just dip your toes in where it makes sense for you. We’re a highly flexible MOOC! :)

13 thoughts on “How does this DLMOOC thing work?

    • Karen, I checked our registration log, and you are registered. It is possible that the confirmation email went into your spam folder. We’ll be sending out another email to everyone this weekend, so see if that comes through, and if not, check your spam folder.

    • Most of the course will be asynchronous and can be done anytime.There will be live web sessions on Mon. and Thurs. at 4pm Pacific (Los Angeles) time, but we’ll also be recording those so you can watch later if that works better.

      Welcome to DLMOOC!

  1. On the gplus board people are talking about preview week readings about mindset. Where are those posted? How did people know about those readings if I didn’t see info about them?

  2. Can I take this even though it started a few weeks ago? How do I register? When I click the “sign up” tab on the homepage it just takes me back to this page, telling me to sign up…

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