Put it into Practice – Assessing deeper learning

This week’s “Put It Into Practice” can be done on your own, but it is also a great collaborative activity, especially for content group meetings. The goal is to take existing assessment questions and rewrite them at a higher level of thinking using Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy and/or Arthur Costa’s Levels of Questioning. You can also move in the opposite direction and rewrite higher level questions at lower levels. The example below comes from a recent middle school math department meeting, but the exercise will work for any content area.

Bloom’s Taxonomy – A helpful infographic that organizes the different levels in an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing way. Bloom’s taxonomy divides educational objectives into three “domains:” cognitive, affective, and psychomotor (sometimes loosely described as “knowing/head,” “feeling/heart” and “doing/hands” respectively). The inner and outer circles connect verbs for learning objectives with matching assessment types.

Credit: K. Aainsqatsi

Credit: K. Aainsqatsi

Costa’s Three Levels of Questioning (adapted from Noelle Combs); CC BY SA)- This table aligns Costa’s Levels with Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Rewriting math questions at a higher level – An example of a math department’s recent attempt of this exercise.

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