Put it into Practice – Final reflections on DL

Credit: Daniel A D’Auria MD

Throughout DLMOOC, we’ve emphasized putting into practice the ideas we’ve talked about. In this final week of DLMOOC, choose one of these activities or make up your own.

  • On last week’s panel, Sonya Ramirez suggested these prompts for framing feedback for learning:
    “Once I thought…”
    “Then I saw…”
    “And now I see….”
    Complete these prompts as they relate to your understanding of deeper learning before and after DLMOOC.
  • Write a post (or make a video or create a poster or make something else) that shows how DLMOOC has affected your learning or your learning environment.
  • Choose a PIP from a previous week that you didn’t get a chance to do and do it now.
  • Share with the world your message about what deeper learning is and why it’s important. You can express this in text, images, video, a song, spoken word or some other way we haven’t thought of.
  • Write a short article about deeper learning in your own learning environment and submit it to the Deeper Learning Story Bank.
  • Think about how you might reuse, remix, or redistribute some of the DLMOOC content. It’s all open licensed and will be posted indefinitely, so spread the love!
  • Think about how you’ll leverage the connections you’ve made in DLMOOC into the future. Are there people you want to stay in touch with on Twitter or G+? Might you try doing your own Google hangout? Are there Twitter chats you might join?
  • Any of the work above would great to submit for a DL badge.

We look forward to sharing our reflections on DLMOOC and deeper learning.

One thought on “Put it into Practice – Final reflections on DL

  1. Thank you for putting this Deeper Learning MOOC together for all of us. This has given me an opportunity to share laterally with educators in Otago, New Zealand as well as sharing ideas with my own staff. I thought your Week 6 Academic Mindsets and Student Agency resources were very powerful in getting people to think about fixed versus growth mindsets and what this might look like for teachers, students, parents and leaders in our education communities. The visual was a great approach that people instantly connected to.
    I know that deeper learning and our minsets have to be our focus as we work to raise student achievement and prepare our students for their future. We all need to be “open to lifelong learning”.
    Thank you.

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