Recalling school

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Story title: Recalling school

Submitted by: Ida Brandão

DL story: As a student in an arts school, already as an adult, I recall the importance that the teachers (designated as «masters») always stressed in planning first and doing afterwards.
«Arts of fire» involved pottery making, ceramics painting, moulds and metal working.
Learning by doing was the main methodological approach, but planning and drawing was always the first step.
Whenever one rushes to do things first, without reflecting and planning beforehand, things go wrong.
Even for a simple videocast, it’s better to plan the storyboard first and record it afterwords , the result turns out better.
The preparation takes longer but one gains time during the process of doing. This structure is important for any learner and should start from early ages.

Making things

One thought on “Recalling school

  1. Hello Ida!

    Thank you for sharing your DL moment and your thoughts around Deeper Learning as a whole…

    Your brief anecdote took me back to my experiences taking a ceramics class as an adult, and the challenges of being willing to push myself in a creative way, without getting caught up in my inhibitions.

    I truly had to “learn by doing”, and even though my best of plans and sketches did not always come together as hoped (I am far from artistic…), I still agree that the value of the first step is so very significant.

    Thanks again for sharing!

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