Regardless of how you have or haven’t participated in DLMOOC so far, we’d like to invite you to RESTART!


This MOOC has been designed to be flexible, so that you can come and go, drop out or drop in as you like. Each week’s content stands alone, so if you haven’t participated so far, it’s ok to join at any point.

And in the upcoming weeks, we have some great topics. Why not choose one that’s of interest to you, and see where you can go with it.

  • Week 6 starting Feb. 24 – Academic mindsets
  • Week 7 starting Mar. 3 – Assessment for deeper learning
  • Week 8 starting Mar. 10 – Exhibiting student work, audience, and curation

Learning isn’t linear, and we don’t think MOOCs should be either!

15 thoughts on “RESTART your MOOC

    • Thanks for the comment, Charley. Open courses like this are wonderful, but also a bit strange in that it is hard to tell who is here with us sometimes! So we really appreciate notes like this!

  1. I have seen some of the videos and they are very interesting, but I am not able to see the visual the audio is excellent.This is an amazing avenue for teachers to grow and learn.

  2. Thanks for allowing us to restart. I was engulfed with an international trip with students and now I am ready to revisit the DL community, share experiences, thoughts, and mine the great resources shared via this MOOC! And a thank you for joining the #MexEdChat!

  3. I joined this MOOC with the intentions of (1) exploring and expanding my understanding of deeper learning; (2) becoming more familiar with the notion of MOOCs; (3) expanding my PLN; and (4) beginning considerations of possibly facilitating with colleagues a MOOC of some sort.

    The awareness of deeper learning has been phenomenal with many highlighted items for future more thorough consideration, discussion, and application. I have learned much about MOOCs – including how (my judgement at least) aligned this particular approach is with participants’ effective learning. My list of newly added e-colleagues in my PLN grows nearly every day. I am quite convinced this MOOC approach is perfect for professional development for sure and for student e-PBL most likely as well; only real concern is how many will engage fully.

    I don’t know how many post to the G+ community, how many do the readings, review the GHOs, etc.??? I get a lot of great posts to G+ DLMOOC – but from a small fraction of the 1700+ members; if I’m seeing all posts, that’s sad and there are others I’m wondering what they include and how distribution choices are made?

    BOTTOM LINE: This has been and I fully expect will continue to be a great experience for me and will support my desire to learn for a long time!!!

    • Hi John, and others!
      I agree with many of the sentiments expressed above. I find the cMOOC concept challenging and interesting, and some of the discussions/subjects discussed in this DLMOOC cuts close to home, and has thus been useful. I feel i have not participated enough (both a bit of guilt and a bit of remorse, with a whiff of stress), but i guess that is often the case. I also feel what John is saying, that it seems the discussions in the G+ community is not very active, after a vibrant start. But, perhaps that’s just me (after all, it is we all who have to write there for content to appear). Why i am commenting here is because i find the notion of “the grass is always greener on the other side” as a bit of a challenge. With this wide a group, spread over so many media, sometimes i wonder if i am in the wrong places, if the party is somewhere else in this MOOC, and i am simply missing it. This is not a good feeling when it comes to participation and shared ownership. I guess there is not much we can do about it, but nevertheless wanted to share it with you all. Perhaps there are more of us out (t)here with the same feeling?

      • Johanni (& others?) -

        You hit the nail on the head, wondering if you were “missing the party” as you put it. While the people I’ve interacted with and added to my PLN have been great so I expect collaboration to continue after the MOOC wraps up, there are 1700+ community members … I of course could always be even more engaged but am extremely conmfortable with the decision I made to join!!!

        Frankly, I wonder how many have not engaged, what their reasons are, was that the intention at the start, … These concerns trouble me as I consider facilitating with others a cMOOC in the future. My thoughts return to my completing my PhD. I didn’t even consider academia until 11 years later because of experiences with students as a TA who seemed comfortable with a goal of getting the course credits rather than seeking to learn effectively. I can handle that today as I did for 29+ years in academia; the question is: do I want to deal with it???

    • Thanks for the feedback. In an “open” MOOC like this, it’s really impossible to track who’s participating in what ways. One thing I know from previous MOOCs is that some people are actively participating but not doing so in ways we can see (lurkers). In fact, in the past, some of the most compelling stories of participation have come from those we didn’t even know were participating! Some of the comments in this thread attest to that.

  4. Hi, although I have not been communicating ….time frame makes that more difficult, I have been reading with interest all the papers, research and watching as many videos as able. Each week I file your email and return to it when I’m not teaching, preparing lessons or with my family. This is the main reason I feel MOOCS are the way to go!

    Thank you….really enjoying the freedom to read when time allows.

  5. I am afraid my schedule is such that I can only find time for the archived pieces but I am finding those very interesting. Thanks for this experience.

  6. I started an Admin cohort program a couple weeks ago, and the coursework is interfering with my ability to keep up with the Deeper Learning MOOC. I have been able to incorporate many ideas from the MOOC into my class assignments on curriculum design, however.

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