Who are you?

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Story title: Who are you?

Submitted by: Gerald Dillenbeck
PermaCulture Homeschool

DL story: My 17-year son adroitly thinks in math and gaming universes; not so much in school and homework universes.

After pondering the prospect for two full years, he decided to take the risk of trying home-schooling with me, his dad, quite conveniently recently retired.

Two weeks ago we began our first session with a brief “Connecting” breathing exercise, some silence. Then we listed our “Intentions,” things we would intend to talk about during the next 90 minutes if that’s OK with the other.

Because I am facilitating, he begins with proposing to talk about, “Now what?”

I follow that with “Who are you?”

Rather than adding another proposed topic to the list, 17-year Son waives his turn, as do I. As facilitator it follows our protocol that I now choose which of the two items on our list for this first day we take first. However, I ask him if he has a preference. “Let’s go with yours.”

And so we did. Two weeks later we are still working on that question with each other, and we have yet to respond in exactly the same way more than once; rather like a population of snowflakes, Deep Learning our shared hydrogen roots.

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