The Trials and Tribulations of the Fitted Sheet

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Story title: The Trials and Tribulations of the Fitted Sheet

Submitted by: Asal Mirzahossein
High Tech High North County

DL story: I had long feared one of my most beloved home essentials, the fitted sheet. I could not imagine sleeping comfortably in a bed without a clean fitted sheet, but more than that, I could not imagine the process of not only washing said fitted sheet, but folding it. Living on my own on the other side of the country, I eventually got used to a clean, but wrinkly, fitted sheet. I would whip my fitted sheet out of the dryer as fast as possible, race up from the basement laundry room, and get that unfolded atrocity down on my bed as quickly as possible. I wasn’t particularly proud of my laundry skills, but at least I was sleeping in a clean bed. Upon moving back to San Diego as a quasi-adult, I happily surrendered the duties of folding my fitted sheet back to the master of all things great and small, my mom.

At first I had no problem finding yet another way to be dependent on the World’s Greatest Woman, but sooner than later, life had to go on and I had to learn how to fold that damned fitted sheet. So, on a random weeknight, while watching TV and folding my laundry, I proudly announced to my parents that I was ready to learn how to fold a fitted sheet. My mom patiently agreed, and through a simple process of shared duties, my mom and I stretched out across their living room, handing corner to corner, slowly folding the fitted sheet. Upon practicing together, my mom quietly and calmly unfolded the fitted sheet, and refolded it as I watched. I was amazed by her precision and detail, even though she insisted on giving all the credit to Martha. After refolding it, my mom again calmly unfolded the sheet and handed it to me. I was on my own. I had to show her that I could fold a fitted sheet. I amazed myself and my mom as I slowly, patiently retraced our steps of folding. Eventually, a semi-neatly folded fitted sheet was presented to my mom and all the world to see. I had learned a simple, insignificant life skill through curiosity, patience, and love.

My moment of deeper learning was a moment of use and of purpose. I found that the deepest of learning and understanding comes in a space of love. The encouragement and excitement of learning something that I had always depended on others for helped me see that I had the capacity to push myself to be useful, purposeful, and forever learning.

Collaborating, Self-directing learning, Believing in yourself (academic mindsets), Making things, Presenting work to a real audience

2 thoughts on “The Trials and Tribulations of the Fitted Sheet

  1. I truly appreciate the content and delivery of your deeper learning moment. The power of purpose is essential to deeper learning.

    P.S. Please teach me how to fold a fitted sheet!

  2. This is a great example of how something ordinary (OK< so maybe I too struggle with sheets and my time in the National Guard/military didn't help me as one would suspect) becomes something larger and expansive. It's about the lens that we look at our lives and how to make meaning out of memories.
    Wonderful story.

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