Tweet of the week

We will have several suggested activities that we will invite you to participate in throughout this MOOC. One of these is a “tweet of the week” assignment. While we will be using the g+ community to share ideas with one another, many people not participating in DLMOOC are interacting on twitter. To encourage DLMOOC participants to share their learning with the rest of the world, we will have a suggested tweet of the week. Of note: having students present their work to an audience beyond their teacher is, in our view, part of what deeper learning is all about.

Happy tweeting, but don’t be a twit!

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the week

  1. I could not agree more with your statement. I have my students create a product that represents what they have learned and then present their product/findings to an authentic audience. The students find the audience feedback to be meaningful.

  2. Students that learn begin to elaborate, question, and explain what they have learned. Some of them teach, for example an adult, step-by step carrying out procedures to a friend, business partner, or family member

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