Wk 7 email – How do you assess DL?

(This is a duplicate of the March 6 email sent to registered participants.)
Dear DLMOOC participants:

As we explore assessing deeper learning this week, we invite you to share your own experiences with this topic — How do you assess deeper learning? What assessment is most useful to you and your students? What gets in the way? Share your thoughts on G+, Twitter, or your own blog. (And any of these would be a great submission to get your Deeper Learner badge as well!)

And here are some other ways to put DLMOOC into practice for this topic:

Finally, the High Tech High Graduate School of Education is offering full fellowships in School Leadership and Teacher Leadership, some of which also include a living stipend. Fellows are immersed in a HTH school for a year, while earning their M.Ed. Priority Deadline March 10 with rolling admission after this date. Questions can be sent to: hmurugesan@hightechhigh.org. More information is available here.


Ben, Rob, Laura, Ryan, Karen, and the whole DLMOOC team

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