Wk 9 email – Final reflections

(This is a duplicate of the March 16 email sent to registered participants.)

Dear DLMOOC’ers:

Well, it’s hard to believe, but this is the last week of DLMOOC. There’s no new content this week, but it’s not over — we want you to take this opportunity to catch up on something you didn’t get to AND to close the loop and reflect on your own deeper learning during the course. We think that time for this should be built into every learning experience.

  • On Mon., March 17 at 4pm Pacific (Los Angeles), we’ll be having a special DLMOOC participants’ discussion. We’ll have a few participants in our regular hangout, and we also want ALL OF YOU to participate via chat. We’ll have a page for this up here (will require a Google sign-in), and we’ll be running a simultaneous Twitter chat.
  • On Thurs., we’ll be having another all-student panel discussion about deeper learning.
  • We have several options for Put it into Practice activities to help you reflect on your DLMOOC experience.
  • Our Tweet of the Week this week is:
    How did DLMOOC affect your idea of what #deeperlearning means? How will you carry this forward?
    Tweet with the hashtag #dlmooc
  • Complete this short survey to help us (and our funders) evaluate the impact of DLMOOC.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in DLMOOC. This has been a tremendous learning experience for us here on the team, and we are happy that you were able to join us for the ride.

All of the materials from the course will remain posted online indefinitely, and they are open licensed so that you can remix and reuse them for your own professional learning. We hope that the discussions about deeper learning we’ve had here are only the beginning for all of us as we go deeper!


Ben, Rob, Laura, Ryan, Karen, and the whole DLMOOC team


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